The Backsafe Australia advantage…

We have every solution for your Materials Handling, Lifting, Safety and Workshop requirements.

Backsafe Australia offers a comprehensive range of Materials Handling, Lifting, Safety and Workshop Equipment. Supplying the Education, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Mining, Office and Warehousing Sectors, we have the answer to your need.

Our broad range of carefully selected equipment ensures we are able to offer you a number of options that will satisfy your need. Backsafe Australia is committed to supplying you with quality products at great value.

In our range of ACCESS EQUIPMENT there are safety steps, safety stools, platform ladders, work platform ladders, step-through ladders, winch table ladders, step ladders, extension ladders, scaffolding and a range of ladder accessories.

The range of CONTAINERS & PALLETS includes plastic containers, stacking containers, stacking crates, plastic buckets, containers, part containers, parts dividers, plastic bins, plastic drums, plastic pallets and pallet cages.

Included in our large range of FACTORY & WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT are tool boxes, work benches, storage cabinets, tools cabinets, louvre panels, chairs, standing aides, racking, shelving, fencing, guard rails and weighing equipment.

Our range of FORKLIFT ATTACHMENTS & DRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENT includes forklift jibs, safety cages, fork extension slippers, forklift roll prongs, container ramps, crane attachments, drum cradles, drum trolley, drum rotators, fork drum lifting attachments and crane drum lifting attachments.

Contained in the range of INDUSTRIAL MATTING is anti-fatigue and entrance matting. Backsafe Australia has the facilities to custom manufacturer anti-fatigue matting to particular sizes ensuring that it is the right fit for your workplace.

The complete range of MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT includes scissor lift trolleys, platform lift tables, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, pallet positioners, lift tables, conveyors, cranes, lifting equipment, towing equipment.

In the REFUSE & MAINTENANCE section there is mobile waste bins, waste bin accessories, bin lifters, bin tippers, tipping bins, cleaning carts, cleaning equipment and access equipment.

Our comprehensive range of Saftey & Securtiy Products includes traffic control, pedestrian control, bollards, barriers, mirrors, post & rail systems, spill control, chemical storage, emergency wash stations, safety products, signs and labels.

Our range of TROLLEYS includes a wide selection of platform trolleys, tiered trolleys, cage trolleys, stainless steel trolleys, carts, hand trucks, stock picking trolleys, order picking trolleys, dollys, skates, load rollers, wheels and castors.

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